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Sire: Tasstic Acres

Dam: Belah Finesse- (Abbeys Gift)

Sold to Allora

 DK Calendar Girl-

Sire: Tasstic Acres

Dam: Stone Park Class Return (Hollywood Return)

 Seattle Acres-ASH   C1-229842 

 Sire: Tasstic Acres

Dam: Manorvale Seattle (Royal Winning Thoroughbred mare)

Sold to Victoria



Endear- Royal Winning Thoroughbred mare

Sire: Anglia

Dam: Cream

Sold to Northern Territory

DK Chesney- A1-10270- Competed at Paradise Lagoons Campdraft 2013

Sire: Tasstic Acres

Dam: Belah Finesse

Sold to Munduberra

 Black Caviar- ASH-193818

Sire: Waymere Oaks Cando

Dam: Cascot Leah

Sold to Kilkivan


Cascot Duke - ASH- 168869

Sire: Waymere Oaks CAndo

Dam: Belah Brittany

Sold to Coffs Harbour